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CowboyPhi 101

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State of the Chapter

Learn about the current status of the Oklahoma Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, our future, and how it's all going to happen by clicking here. (Must be registered on the site to view.)

Volunteer for the Club

Want to be part of effort to kick-start the Alumni Club?  We're looking for volunteers of all levels.  Click here to see how you can participate.


Welcome to the alumni club site for the Oklahoma Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta.  Our goal is to continue the “Fraternity for Life” experience by offering our members an association with our fellow brothers long after college.  We hope you will find a valuable outlet for chapter news and alumni sponsored activities, a vehicle to help you connect with other Phis, and a rewarding social experience.

The site is a new endeavor and a work in progress.  Please bear with us as we populate the site with content that we hope will provide a benefit to our membership. So make sure to let us know what we’re doing right, where we can improve, and help us spread the word to other Oklahoma Betas you think would enjoy the community.